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Welcome Elenor Home .. With Large Production Options

Our Company that is built up in Istanbul/Turkey, still goes on to serve to its costumers according to the needs of the market.

Elenor Home

Production and Wholesale
The most suitable and economic options for decorated home products. Manufacturing and Wholesale? Elenor Home?

You can change the atmosphere of your house with many alternatives of production of Elenor Home. You are safety with us? Elenor Home?

Lighting Models

Our Company serves to market with Decorative inlight, Apliq, Night Lights, Rail Systems for Projects, Secret Lighting, Wall Lights, Lambeder?

Shisha Models, Shisha Glasses, Shisha Lounge Items? With good price and quality options?!!!

Our Company serves to market with special glass moulds and metal items? Also in special models, it is possible to make the LOGOS of COSTUMER on the shisha glass or any metal parts? Also it is possible to make a LED light under the glasses?

Shisha Glasses and Items


Blowing Glass

Elenor Home Art of Glass
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With traditional blowing glass art, we can give special shapes to your glasses?

- Elenor Home, info@elenorhome.com

In the time of Ottoman Empire, the glass art was developed so much. With traditional Master/Student relitionship, in that time so many wonderful blowing technics were dicovered.

- Elenor Home, info@elenorhome.com

So many productions that we can see around everyday are made from glass. Do you want to know which glass is which technique? We are ready to welcome you here?

- Elenor Home, info@elenorhome.com

Polising is one of the oldest technique to give color to the metals and glasses. Firstly the glass is put on the mold and after that it leaves from it. Other technique name is Blowing?

- Elenor Home, info@elenorhome.com